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European Projects

Students of Janis Rosentals art school in Latvia and their Professor, at IIEK of KEKPA - DIEK of Volos Municipality, with Erasmus+ project.

Students of Janis Rosentals art school and their Professor, were hosted at IIEK for 2 weeks (from 6-17/3/23) and attended courses in the specialties of Graphic Design, Ceramics, Jewelry and Fashion Design  together with the Students of DIEK.

The team also visited enterprises to learn about the way they work, according to the data of the Greek market. Those in charge: P. Podaropoulos (ZomBee design group), D. Grinias (Circus Design Studio,) Iro (Frenzy Projects), G. Karagiouzis – L. Podaropoulos (39A Workshop of Handmade Ceramics and Jewelry), and M. Mitroulas (Maramilla) , analyzed their way of working as well as design programs through a presentation of the projects they are working on during this time.

VTI of Volos   Municipality thanks them from the bottom of their hearts for their hospitality and valuable advice.

As part of the mobility projects, the Latvian students created jewelry, ceramics, clothing models and promotional material for a tourist business, inspired by Greece.

In addition to enhancing knowledge and skills, Erasmus+ projects bring participants into contact with the culture and monuments (historical and natural) of each country, for this reason the group visited the Archaeological Museum, the Museum of Volos City, Tsalapata and  Meteora.

The cooperation between the two Schools will continue with the implementation of an Erasmus+ project for DIEK Students, at the end of April, who will go to Latvia to attend courses at Janis Rosentals art school.

The President of KEKPA-DIEK  Mrs. Sofia Halari as well as the Municipal authority of Volos strengthen and promote similar European actions, the benefits of which through the Erasmus+ programs do not stop with the graduation of the students, but also continue in their subsequent course in the labor market.