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European Projects

New mobility for students of IIEK Volos Municipality in Latvia

A new Erasmus+ project `New Technologies in VET` of VTI Volos Municipality was successfully implemented in Riga between 23/4 - 7/5/2023. The activity was attended by students of Web designer development, Graphic design and Fashion design departments as well as an Instructor, member of European programs project team.

The group was hosted at the AECC National School of Arts where the workshops and activities during the mobility were aimed at training, strengthening knowledge, contact with techniques by modern equipment as well as finding ways of cooperation between people with different social, linguistic and cultural origins. The participants attended courses on Computer graphics and 3D computer graphics, Conceptual composition, Video and 3D video composition, Computer programs, Layout, Photo editing with contemporary technology’s tool as well as Design, Painting and Sculpture, subjects in which they have a long tradition in Latvia.

As context of individual work, the students created videos with the letters of their name, letters that were inspired by their stay in the City of Riga. Photos and videos of buildings and other points of cultural interest were edited, which were a source of inspiration and creation.

Courses, know-how, business information and general data given to the participants by forms or electronic files, offered the possibility of receiving continuous knowledge not only for the participating group but also for the rest of the students and instructors of I.I.E.K., simultaneously adding value to their training and work.

The contact with the `world` of Arts and Culture in Latvia, information about data that makes access to the labor market easier and the cultivation of the European consciousness and collectivity, was also an important part of the action. The National History Museum, the Museum of Modern Art, the Museum of Applied Arts, the 3d Arts Museum, the Art Nouveau Museum, the Opera and the tour of the Churches, historical buildings and the covered market, offered a lot to the participants.

The visit to the LMMDV art school in the coastal city of Liepaja, a partner in an earlier project of IIEK, was also interesting. The applied arts specialties offered by the school with its state-of-the-art equipment and original works, are a pole of attraction for future collaborations as well!

The expected learning outcomes for the participants were achieved to a large extent, and they will also receive an EOPPEP Europass certificate. The evaluation of the learning outcomes will continue for a long time to come with the application of these to the tasks undertaken by the students and their application to the IIEK educational program.

The Students were also in Vienna for a day, which brought them once again into contact with the art and culture of another Country.

The I.I.E.K. of Volos Municipality of KEKPA-DIEK, as an educational organization with a design that leads to the formation of an educational system that must respond to the dynamics of the times and respond to the challenges of future, confirms once again that Vocational Education and Training - a an important instrument of European education policy - it contributes to the achievement of many and varied economic and social objectives, a high level of employment, social cohesion and maintaining competitiveness for the benefit of sustainable development and the reduction of youth unemployment.

The President of KEKPA-DIEK Ms. Sofia Halari as well as the Municipal authority of Volos strengthen and promote European actions, the benefits of which through the Erasmus+ programs do not stop with the graduation of the students, but also continue in the labor market.