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Printed and Electronic Media Graphic Artist

A dynamic and creative occupation; graphic artists, with aesthetic perception and competence in using new technology, have infinite potential to create in the field of advertising, visual communication and multimedia.

Advertising is part of our lives; the use of modern technology, combined with artistic flair and imagination, special design, aesthetics and awareness of the markets laws and needs, help create a new image around us; the work of a graphic designer. Graphic arts, the polymorph area of personal expression in the field of visual communication.

DescriptionJob demandLessons

A graphic artist graduate should be distinguished not only for his/her aesthetic perception and knowledge, but mostly for his/her excellent training - on modern technology and its applications in the field of graphic arts, multimedia and the Internet.

A graphic artist should also be able to undertake design work, to complete drafts and implement a maquette - model, exploiting the potential of design programs in the field of Graphic Design; finally, he/she should be able to monitor the completion of his/her work at all stages of the project.

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