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Works of Art Maintenance Technician

The monuments of our culture preserve the priceless treasures of our cultural heritage.

All these countless art monuments, through the long history of art until our times, seek protection, preservation and maintenance.

TAbove all, these monuments need specialized personnel that will convert them from silent traces of the past into valuable cultural assets.

TThe Maintenance Technicians task and his/her deep interest contribute to the conscious effort of setting up our modern cultural identity.

DescriptionJob demandLessons

A Maintenance Technician, with his/her theoretical, artistic, technological and technical training in particular, is occupied, with dedication, diligence and care, with the rescue and conservation of museum objects.

Using his/her expertise, he/she is able to perform any premeditation, to record projects and maintenance works and, through various media, materials and methods, to undertake the maintenance of works of art.

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